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2020 Top Christian Choruses

Written by Xto Udo

Here are Top Christian Choruses for  2020

  • 🎼You’re the pillar that holds my life…
  • 🎼You’re the Lord let your name be glory

🎼We glorify your name, mighty Jesus we glorify your name, you are good.

🎼Holy, holy, holy is the lord

🎼Take glory father, son Holy Ghost Now and forever more

🎼Received all the Glory, received all honour

🎼Anointing fall on me *2 let the power of the Holy Ghost

🎼You’re highly lifted up there is no one like you

🎼Hallelujah, hossana

🎼Hallelujah is an heavenly language

🎼Cast me not away from thy present on lord and take not the Holy Spirit from me, retore unto me the joy..

🎼We give you all the Glory, honour

🎼Holy, *9 holy is the lord

🎼Ancient *2 as old as you are, you remained the same

🎼We stand to worship you Emma, is time to worship you, 2* Emma o *is time to worship you

🎼Covenant keeping there is no one like you, Alpha, Omega, there is no one like you

🎼Jehovah is your name, *2 mighty warrior, great in battle Jehovah is your name

🎼I know his name *2 His name is wonderful i know his name

🎼That is why you’re call Jehovah, *2 what he says he will,

🎼What shall i say unto the lord, all i have to say is thank you lord

🎼Received all glory lord

🎼Alpha, omega, besides you there is no other GOD

🎼Worthy, you’re worthy, Kings, lord of lords i worship

🎼Worthy *3 praise the lord
Praise him hallelujah *3 praise the lord

🎼Amen amen blessings and glory with thanks giving and honour, power…

🎼Who is like unto thee ooh lord, who is like unto thee…

🎼He came from heaven to show us the way from the earth to the cross my depth to pay, from the cross to the grave to the sky..

🎼The Lord is excellent, excellent in my life

🎼Every knee shall bow, every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is the lord

🎼Adonai, we worship you, son of God

🎼My soul magnify the lord, my spirit praise his name, for death could not hold him captive

🎼Mmo ete ke enye edi abiat ibet mkpo kiet kami mfiok enye amayanga mi

🎼How excellent is your name, *3 oh lord

🎼We thank you Lord *2 you have done it in my life we thank you lord,.

🎼Holy Spirit be my comforter, Holy Spirit make me whole,

🎼Let the living water

🎼Have your way oh lord in my life have your way oh lord.

🎼Received all the Glory, Jehovah, received glory

🎼Our Lord knows the way to the wilderness all I have to do is to follow him,

🎼In every circumstances,*2 you’re so good to me,.. Jehovah you’re so

🎼Unchangeable *2 God

🎼All other gods there are the works of men, you’re the only God there’s none like you

🎼Our father, our father who has in heaven amen, halo be thy name

🎼Our father in heaven we glorify your name, we bow down before you

🎼Oh lord, come down and manifest your power

🎼You’re the most high, you’re the most high God

🎼Because He leaves i can face my tomorrow,

🎼Unto the lord shall be the glory great things he as done

🎼There’s none holy as our God, there is none besides thee

🎼Forever, oh Lord, your word is settled,

🎼What manner of man is Jesus, hallelujah

🎼You’re bigger than what people say, you’re bigger than…

🎼His banner over me * is loves

🎼Do something new,

🎼Afo edi jehovah EMI Anamde

🎼Kpa usen oro Obong okot mbet esie obon

🎼 Only you deserve my Praise

🎼 I come thee

🎼 Be thou exalted o Lord above the earth

🎼Ami mkpedat mmo ekom urua, se mkpedatde ndep ima Obong

🎼 Magnify the Lord with me, exalt the name of Jesus

🎼 Praise God hallelujah,

🎼We give you all the glory, honor,

🎼We are saying thank you Jesus,

🎼Yak ikwo Yak idara

🎼Jesus edi otu ekong mi, eyedi edidem ubong

🎼Meyene Jesus, ke idem mmi,

🎼Ete nyin ke enyong, imokpone enying fo itono erong ino fi

🎼 yak mme ndima Obong enyene idorenyin

🎼Yak ubong, *2 enyene Ete, eyen.

🎼 Ubong *2 hallelujah3, yak ubong Abasi akakaiso

🎼Praising the Lord always

🎼That wonderful name, Jesus *3 there is no other name i know

🎼He’s alive amen *2 my Jesus is alive forever

🎼 It is a great thing to serve the Lord

🎼He can never never *3 Jesus the same forever

🎼Nte afo amema Jesus (resp)

🎼Ami mama Jesus *3 Koro enye akebem iso ama mi

🎼Ima…… *6 Ima Abasi, Ima enyene nyo

🎼It is a great thing to serve the Lord

🎼Usung isang mi

🎼Kot enying oro

🎼Annem aneke Annem o, *2 mma nkap nkot enying Obong nyin Jesus

🎼Enying Jesus erong eyetongo

🎼Owo akekande eyesine ata ediyie afia ofong idem kidem

🎼Idung edemeyong owo iyomke utin

🎼Nothing i think

🎼I want to walk

🎼Don’t let anybody turn you round

🎼I know my God and my God knows me

🎼Yak ekukpa mba kedinam eti mkpo

🎼Rescue thy saint oh Lord

🎼Nyin iyom isong emi ofonde ama

🎼In heaven u r the Lord,
Jehovah u’re the most high God

🎼something more than gold

🎼Vanity upon vanity

🎼 I feel good good

🎼every thee must bow

🎼Hallelujah emaeyaha mi

🎼Thank you+2 Lord, thank u Lord, thank u Lord 4 everything you have done

🎼We are saying thank you Jesus, thank you my Lord,.

🎼Eyak ikwo eyak idara kuwak mfon fo ye nyin

🎼Anem aneke anem, mma nkap nkwot enyin Obong nyin Jesus

🎼okoneyo nnade nna kubok fo papa kama. Kama kama

🎼Enyin Jesus erong eyetono

🎼Alpha Omega

🎼Ntefo amama Jesus ehh mama

🎼Oh that day i remember that day, I’ll never forget that day

🎼Emmanuel, (resp) we gather here to praise your name

🎼It is a great thing to serve the Lord

🎼Have thy way oh Lord in my life

🎼I thank you Lord for giving me the grace to see today

🎼Immortal God invisible God, immortal God how great thou are,

🎼The most excellency is Jesus, shout hallelujah amen..

🎼 Every living soul, every living soul Praise the Lord

🎼 You are worthy o Lord,

🎼 You are worthy Lord *5

🎼Come and join me sing hallelujah, jehovah nisi as it well

  • 🎼Amanam eyen Abasi ayeeeee
    Amanam eyen Abasi Amanam sosong

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