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1959 – 2019 (60 Years)

PREAMBLE : The journey of life begins with birth and the inevitable end of the journey is death that is why the Bible in (Ecclesiastes 3 : 1 – 2) said to everything there is a season, and a time to be born and a time to die, Praise Jehovah God.

Birth And Parentage : Late Deaconess Rosemary Aniedi-Abasi was born on the 27th of March 1959 into the family of Mr Ndarake Efiok Akpan of Nung Adiaha Nsek, Eman Uruan, Uruan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.
Her Mother was late Mrs. Atim Ndarake Efiok (Nne Frank Udo) of Nung Akpan Family, Obio Offot, Uyo Local Government Area both in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Education : Deaconess Rosemary Aniedi-Abasi attended St. Catherine School, Eman Uruan where she had her first school leaving certificate in 1979.
Deaconess Rosemary Aniedi-Abasi Effiong not further more due to the death of her parent, but she was able to read and write perfectly without assistance from anybody.

Occupation : Nne Rosemary Aniedi-Abasi as she was call, started fruit market in 1980 at Uyo main park, where we have ibom plaza connection today.
In 1995 she secure and open store in Uyo main market, where she deal with buying and selling of goods until the last day that the market was diminished by the government. Mummy keep going through different kinds of business within the state, which sustain her till death.

Christian Life : Deaconess Rosemary Aniedi-Abasi was Born into a Christian family, her late parent was a committed member of Cath olic Church of Nigeria, Eman Uruan, due to the death of her parent she relocated to her uncle house in Uyo, she join her uncle to the Mount Zion Christ church Uyo, where she meet her husband. In 1980 the both change their faith to The Mount Zion Light House full Gospel church, and she was ordain as a deaconess in 1994. Then as Eka ndito / Eka in 1998 at The Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Church (Calabar) National Headquarter and in the year 2001 she relocated to her new house in Itam after one-year due to distance to the church she finally join the world Christian Baptist Church, Afaha Obong Itam where she worship and was handling the post of a deaconess (Eka ndito) till her last call here on earth.

Marital and Family Life : Mummy as she was called got married in 1980 to Mr. Aniedi-Abasi Effiong Udoekong there both started in a creche. Their love grew stronger by day. The marriage was blessed with six children three boys and three girls, though she lost her first daughter and five are alive to witness her burial, mummy stood firmly by her husband in every endeavor without wavering, from their days of nothing to boast of or show for. She nurtured and groomed her family with the fear of the almighty God.
Mummy kept a stable undivided and respectable relationship with her husband until her demise,. Instilling sound moral values in her children. She was totally against quarrelling. This taught the family members to communicate and exchange views without raised voices, creating a peaceful and conducive atmosphere for everyone.
In Rosemary matrimonial family she tried it bridge the gap that one would not know the different between the brothers, Inlaw, sisters in-laws and her children. She did not create room for discrimination throughout her life time on earth.

Social Life And Service To Humanity : Late Deaconess Rosemary Aniedi-Abasi Effiong was a socialist and a mother anywhere she went. She was a caring mother and a woman with a rare qualities, who upheld the scripture in (1st Peter 2v17) Honour all men, lover gave her the uncommon charisma that turned her into an icon that a lot of people learned on and gain from. Mummy as she was called was an advocate of peace, she love without hypocrisy, respect and kindness to mankind .
She impacted positively on married women, youths, individuals and Churches. She never discriminate against age, social status and ethnic extraction. Neither in her husband home where she took place as a mother after the death of her mother in-law, without any discrimination.
This is a legacy she left behind, today many people who come her way would have at least one pleasant experience to emulate.

Death : After a protracted illness, mummy on Tuesday 2nd April, 2019 at about 07:30pm passed and information to her Husban, Sons, Daughters, Son/Daughter in-laws and grand children that she shall live to join with her creator and everybody Should be at peace and in preparation for the last day, and she turned and slept finally in the Lord.
Mummy survived by her husband, sons, brothers, sisters, Sons Inlaw, Daughters in-law, cousins, nephews, nieces, brother in-laws, other relatives and friends to mourn her exit.

Tributes to Madam Rosemary Aniedi-Abasi Effiong

Oh death,! You are a greatest enemy to mankind, why are you so heartless? You should have given me a chance to be born and witness my grandma alive not her Corps.
Anyway words cannot explain how bitter i felt of her exit, mama i miss you, your love, care and all you should have done for me, I have no option than to say goodbye.

Prince Fortune Edidiong – Grandson.

It was like a dream but it turned out to be a reality, because each day i kept on asking my dad and mom how is mama, when are we going to visit her? Will you take me to hospital to spend my holiday with mama and when will mama come back to her house? In replies my parents said mama have gone back to his creator.
I never know the great story of death have taken you away my lovely grandma on 2nd April, 2019 at about 07:30pm. Grandma where have you gone to in a time which i needed you the most.
Where have you gone that i and baby brother cannot see you. Where are you that you cannot hear my voice and come back to life. Where are you that i and the entire family are crying.
My granny, my sweet Mum, My pet, My nanny, I can’t forget your love, to me, I didn’t knew that I will say Goodbye so soon, but death made me to do so, death you are like wind that we cannot see, having no fear of anybody in the world. My dear grandma the grace of God be with you. May our Heavenly Father grant you eternal life in Jesus name, Rest in peace, Amen.

(Princess Abas Abas)
Abasiofon Edidiong Aniedi-Abasi
Grand Daughter

Life is like a flower which you will see in the morning and in the evening it withered off.
Our pillar of hope, our strength, our joy has traveled on a journey of no return.
You have left us with a vacuum too hard to fill a wound too painful to heal, we would ask questions like why but GOD knows best. As they saying goes, we will meet to part so till we meet again in paradise.

Your Daughter in-law and Grand Children
Blessing, Favour, and Victory Peter.

Life is a mystery that is only known to God who have control over human existence, no imagination, thoughts, words or facial reaction can take off the pains I have in losing a dynamic mother in-law .
The thought of your absence keep crawling into my heart like a thunder wave, it breaks the way of my defense and leaves me with the inevitable reality that you’re gone to meet your creator. You have been a mother to many beyond your immediate family, so caring, Humble, kind and lovely. You took me as your own daughter and show so much care and attention to me when i delivered my first child.
Your rich legacies of honest labour, a good name and modesty in everything will continue to be a Challenge to many individuals. As human i still feel unreal a great virtue woman has departed as you answered the glorious call that you could not reject on 2nd April 2019. May your soul find eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Mrs. Rosemary Edidiong

Mummy, that is how i use to call you because you were a shining example of unconditional love and acceptance irrespective of one’s background, believe and norm. I received the news of your demise with such a great shock inexplicable and still can’t decipher exit.
You were an epitome of iconic greatness, genius, a virtue of intelligence words alone can’t describe. Distance didn’t barrier to from reaching out to us when least expected. I still miss the wisdom in your advice, it may be difficult to digest but since we have significantly no control over death, I knew that The creator who has called knows better than we mortals and has prepared a better place for you.
Till we meet to part no more.

Your Son In-law
Evangelist Ini Francis


We the family of Late Efiok Akpan Amikot of Nung Adiaha Nsek, Eman Uruan, Uruan local government Area of Akwa Ibom State express our deep sorrow on the passing of our beloved Sister, Mrs. Rosemary though it’s difficult for us to express how we felt about her demise, we thank the Almighty God for her good life on earth.

On behalf of Nung Eno Royal Family, Afaha Obong Itam, we wish to convey our deepest sympathies to you and your family on the demise of your wife Deaconess Rosemary Aniedi-Abasi.,

We deeply touched by this unfortunate incident, which brings no one any good when it strikes. It brings grief and sorrow to the family because of its devastating nature.
It is too had to forget someone like this, who was so dear to her family, her passing away is a great loss to the family .
We therefore mourned with you in this moment of grief and urges you to see reason to thank God for the life and time of your wife when she was alive and encourage you to focus your thought on God Almighty who is able to uphold comfort. 2 cor. 1 : 3 and sustain 1 King 17 : 4

Accept our condolence please.

Mr. Edidiong Effiong
Family secretary

Pastor Ime Effiong
Family Chairman

The family of Late Deaconess Rosemary Aniedi-Abasi Effiong express our gratitude to God Almighty for his grace upon our lives during this trying moment.
We appreciate the Pastor and members of The World Christian Baptist Church, Allstar Itu 3, The Mount Zion Christ church Ibiaku issiet and Living Spring Chapel who have supported us spiritually and morally throughout this period.
We also thank the entire Rosemay’s Family, Nung Eno, our in-laws, relatives, friends and well-wishers who have travelled far and near to bid our dear mother a befitting farewell, we say thank you and Almighty God will grant you journey mercies back to your various destination in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Elder Aniedi-Abasi Effiong Udoekong
Chief Mourner.

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