Biography Of Late Chief Edet Udoh Akpan Ebreso | Life History

Written by Xto Udo

(1925_2015)90 years


PREAMBLE:To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under the heavens. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and pluck up that which is planted (Ecc.3:1_2)
Late chief Edet Udo Akpan Ebreso (Alias German M&B)has gone, but he did not forget to plant his apple three. He had lived a fulfilled life emulated by admirers,talked about by lovers of equity and justice, cherished by advocates of one love.

BIRTH AND PARENTAGE: Late chief Edet Udo Akpan Ebreso (Aka German M&B) was born in the year 1925 into the family of late chief Akpan Udo Ekpo Ebreso of Nung Obio Idop in Nung Ema and late Madam Edo Udo Okim of Nung Udo Okim in Nung Obio Unek both in Ikot Andem Itam_Itu L.G.A.of Akwa Ibom state.

EDUCATION: Papa was a lover of Education even though he lost his father at very tender age to the cold hands of death.He attended Adult Education in Ikot Andem Itam, where he was able to read and write. This help to interact with people and his grand children.

OCCUPATION: Late German M & B was a director and manger of Cane products company at Ikot Andem Itam in Itu which enabled him to be employed by Federal Government at National museum, Oron in Akwa Ibom state from 1986 to 1996.He trained both young and old people on how to produce cane chairs, tables, beds,baskets, bags, etc with the use of cane materials. He gained a living from cane work and used it to train brothers, sisters and his children to become what they are now.

MARITAL LIFE: German M&B was happily married and the marriage was blessed with children to mourn his demise.


CHRISTIAN LIFE: Late chief Edet Udo Akpan Ebreso was a devoted Christian and a baptized member of the church of Christ, Ikot Andem Itam in Itu. He contributed greatly to social and economic development of the Lord’s church.

SOCIAL/ROYAL STOOL: papa received the certificate of recognition as the family Head of Nung Ema and Nung Obio Idop in Ikot Andem Itam, Itu the year 2004.He was a member of the Council of Chiefs in Ikot Andem Itam and he was made Okuku of the Village.

DEATH: Everything in this world world happens at the time God choose. Late Chief Edet Udo Akpan Ebreso departed from this world peacefully on Monday 23rd March, 2015 at about I am.
He is survived by: 5 sons, 2 Daughters, 1 Brother, 1Son-in-law, 3 Daughter-in-law, 17 Grand Children, 6,Great grand children, 1 Sister in-law, 18 Cousins, Nephews and nieces.


My heart still weeps for you.You left us at a time when my expectation for you was high, when I turn and see your things without seeing you. Your absence leaves me heartbroken and deep sorrow overwhelm me. You were my pillar, mentor, leader, teacher, and helper. The vacuum you have left can never be filled.
Rest in peace, Adieu papa (German M&B)
Your Daughter
Mrs.uddy Itama

We got the best from you, the very best we will never depart from those pieces of advice, and knowledge you had given us. You were an inspiration for greatness. Adieu, our mentor whose fatherly love will never be forgotten.
Be with the saints in peace_Amen
Mr. Ime Eddy, Mr.Umo Eddy, Mr. Ebreso Edet, Mr.Asuquo Edet, Emem Edet

A guiding star, a pillar to lean on a great teacher, disciplinarian, a respectable and honorable stood distinct and tall in all your life endeavous …..sleep on papa German M&B.So as to wake up sound as fresh on final day. Adieu papa_German M&B May your soul rest in peace.
Mr. Itama Effiong (son in-law)

SO it is true that death is not a respecter of life. Oh dear grand papa, you have gone so soon without seeing your grand children’s future, you were honest, peace-maker and compassionate to us and people. Oh death, you have given us a blow that goes down into marrow for taking a consistent grand papa.
Bye!bye for now (German M&B)

take rest in the bosom of the lord. Adieu my beloved grand papa:
Aniekan, Idorenyin, Ofonime, Favour, Queen, Nduhoridem, maricle, etc.

Our grand papa that is your name we used to call you (aka German M&B),we thank God for your peaceful and glorious exit. We are delighted that you passed at ripe age and grateful that our God has given to you a place in His bosom. We are happy you are with God. Death has not deprived us from saying papa German, it is rather unfortunate you pass on now without reaping fruit of your labour after taking good care of us while we were growing up. God knows why he allowed it to happen. It is good we appreciate and celebrate you. Have a good rest in the bosom of Abraham. Our dynamic, great disciplinarian and wonderful grand papa.
Engr.Edet Tako,Emmanuel, Udeme Grace, Michael, Edet, Arit, Ekemini and Ukeme.

Pa Amkpa, as I fondly called you.
You were all sides of the minor to me. Your dogged hospitality, care and so much concerned about mu progress and life challenges will be evergreen in my memory. To many, you were a different sides of the coin; could be blunt even to a fault yet you were amiable.
When I recall when we cajole each other on past experiences, the flogger who never spared your cane at any given time; strict disciplinarian and little or no room for indolence; so the cooled hand of death, had marked the end of the jokes and fun?
Pa Amkpa, your values to me and those who got in touch with you, can make volume. No wonder then, the words of Marcus Tullius Cicero “The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living we were not tired of having you around but the will of God surpasses all. Pa Amkpa, we missed you sleep well
Inwang Akpan Udo

WE WISH to the church of Christ, all dignitaries,Clergies, traditional rulers, other churches, friends, in-laws and relatives who is in their different ways have supported us in giving our most cherished husband, father, brother and grand father a successful burial.

May the good lord bless you abundantly and grant you journey mercies back to your different destinations. Amen.

Chief mourner

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