Biography Of Late Deaconess (Mrs.) Nsa Ibanga Udo-Onyung

Written by Xto Udo

1951-2018(AGED: 57 YEARS)

PREAMBLE: Death is a cup of tea in which every human being must drink of it .so it happened to Deaconess Nsa on 17th August, 2018 which the Bible write in Eccl.3:1-2,that says there is a time for every purpose (I.e a time to born and a time to dead,our creator knows it all. But owe to him \her that causes such cup of tea for one to drink untimely.

BIRTH AND PARENTAGE: Late Deaconess Nsa Ibanga Udo-Onyung (Nee: Eka mama)was born into the family of late obong Effiong OKon Udo Ikotidem of Nung Akpafia in Ikot andem Itam and madam Efi-anwan Etim Akpan Udo Nkak of Nung Mbuk Royal family same of Ikot Andem Itam, Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

EDUCATION: Late Deaconess Nsa attended her primary Education at primary school, Ikot Andem Itam and obtained her first school leaving Certificate (FSLC) in 1963.As women Education in those day’s was not regarded, she stopped over due to circumstances that befall her. But though the little she read up to help her to read and write anywhere she interacting with people.

OCCUPATION: Late Queen Nsa Ibanga Udo was very industrious, very hardworking, she was a trader, she sold all kinds of food stuffs,preparing Ekpan Nkukorihor to itu, Itam market as well, just for her to take good care of her family. As a professional seamstress.

CHRISTIAN LIFE: Late Nsa Ibanga Udo was a Christian who dedicated, devoted and practiced Christianity both in and outside her home. She holds up her faith right from her tender age in the apostolic Church Nigeria till her death.

SOCIAL LIFE: Deaconess Nsa was a generous, submissive women of substance, who exhibited a transparent and God fearing attitude and ever believed at “love” in sharing, so accommodating and incessantly industructs, advice and encourage her children and wards to love, and be kind to each other no matter the situation. She associated and belonged to organization such as Nka Iban Obio Edere Mbak Atai unit, she deserved a give prestige following her God given talent and philanthropist.

TRANSITION: Mama felt an un-herited and callous sickness which resisted medications, her children sought all effort to eradicate the deadly disease and revived their loving mother but to no Avail. The enemy was so curious and cunning against her absolute recovery, and these promoted her relocation to another environment for more effective medication, not knowing that, monster had taken extra step to locate and terminate her existence unjustifiable. But on the fateful day of 17th August, 2018 about 9:37a.m Mummy breath last and give the ghost therefore, there is nothing we could do rather we give thanks to God Almighty the creator for taken her back home for himself. Ma Nsa, may your soul rest in the bosom of the lord, Amen.
she is survived by
(1) Mrs.Emem Asuquo Udo-obong
(2) Mrs. Glory Udoh
(3) Miss.Uduak Ibanga Udoh
(4) Miss.Udeme Ibanga Udo-onyung.
And Grand children, Son-in-laws, Cousins, Uncles, Niece \Nephew and Husband’s and other to witness her fare-well to eternity.

Words cannot express how I feel right this moment;your demise has left a great wound in my heart, that will surely take long to heal. I am so aggressived at your demise
Who will give me advice on how to live, how to relate to follow individuals? Until now, you are the best I have ever had, your care for my well being and your worries about me. Mummy farewell, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace
Mummy sanga sung–oo–esiere-o-o-o
Your first daughter

Mama, when you left us, right inside our hearts we knew we have lots a very rare gem in our lives, you were our role model, you taught us to be God fearing and obedient children. We will not forget the genuine love and care you had for us and those days you had to give up your own food for us to eat and be satisfied, We missed your advice, nobody can comfort us, the tears keep rolling, even in our hearts. But we are assured that you are up there in the bosom of our lord Jesus.Goodbye our sweet grandma. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
From your first grand daughter_Princess for on behalf of your Grand children.

Where do I start talking about you”there were wives and there are wives. But your specie of wifehood surpassed all. A loving, caring and peaceful wife who always wishes her husband and other to live a God fearingLife. A mother that wished her womb was big enough to shelter the children so that, no evil could befall them. A nurse that could not forget her patients by day or night. Even in her ill-health. Ma Nsa, would not sleep but tarried all nights to watch over her children, grand children, husband’s and always call on me Ebe, di and be closet to me and don’t lived me alone, and virtually she sleep on my lap and give the ghost what a dear wife, I miss you. So I’m not afraid because we shall meet to part no more. You were an industrious wife, mother indeed whom sickness definitely a put stop to your work my death, where will I branch again at Ikot Andem, no where, I miss you, I miss you dearly. May your gentle soul rest in his bossom. Adieu Ma Nsa, Eka Emem, Udeme, UD & Glory
Yours Husband (jnr)
Udoh, S.A.(Chief)

Life is just a mystery that no one can predict. It was like a dream but now I know that is a reality that my one in million (Mother) confidant, role model, God fearing, seals of Respect is no more. Mma-Mma, as we call you. Sincerely since you left, I felt empty as nothing like bones is in me. Your sudden departure, a pain seem so difficult to bear. You were such a humble being, the woman that tolerates people when when there is a problem. You toiled as a mother and father just to bring us up. You stood by me in trials and difficult times. (God bless you). So now you leave without enjoying the fruit of all what you labour. How I wish the power has been given to me, I would have restored your life just for you to give me those sweet words as usual. (Your creator will Judge this). Eka-mmi, I miss you sincerely-rest till we meet in that glorious morning, when there will be no hatred, sickness, suffering and dead. I feel for you. Sanga-sung-ya ofon ye afo_Amen.
Udoanwan Mfo
Mei-Mei Alias Emem.

Oh why must it happen like this? So sudden, so soon, is the day I will never forget in my life. It is the day that I never dream of being sad. Glad that you showed me the part of God, o I will remain strong not because I feel strong, but because it is what you would have wanted, I will strive not because I know how to, but for the sake of your memory I will stand still because you never taught me otherwise. I can’t explain how I felt about your sudden departure because I never thought that I will loose you so soon. The love and kindness you show towards me is something I will never forget in my life. My hunger is who will I Go to when I am thirty? Who will comfort me when I am trouble? Mum I love you but God love you most. I don’t have much to say, my only word is rest in peace my beautiful mother, the God fearing woman. Adieu Adiaha Eka.
Uduak Udo
Your 3rd daughter.

I’m writing this tribute with tears rolling down my checks for the everlasting wound that can never be healed in my heart by any medicine or human being.Mummy why did you choose to live in the time I needed you most, the time you should reap the fruits of your labours.
My beloved mummy, I will always call you that name because I have searched all over, who that name would fit but I have found none. Though you’re no more On earth but I strongly believe you are some where that life is more meaningful. Mum I miss you,

You have created a vacuum in my life which no one can fill up because you were such a good mother to me,as well. God in his infinite mercy and wisdom knows why you have left these worldly shores at this time. Continue you rest as you join the saints to proclaim that Jesus reigns. We love you, but God loves you best.
Adieu my sweet mummy
Yours last Daughter-Udeme


Ekritam Area.
Itu L.G.Area
Akwa Ibom state Territory
22nd December, 2018

It is with deep sense of loss, but total submission to the will of God that we write to commiserate with you and your family on the transition to the glory of your dear mother, aunty, mother-in-law, late Deaconess Nsa Ibanga Udo.
It is understood that late Deaconess Nsa Ibanga Udo was a devoted and dedicated member in the body of Christ. She was a philanthropist as well as a sources of impression to those who came in contact with her. It is therefore our belief with this remarkable attributes of your late mother, Mother-in-law that she has left foot-prints in the sand of time for you and prosperity to follow.
We are here to give her a befitting farewell. She shall be one of those risen to meet with the lord at the sound of trumpet (1 thesis.4:13_18).The good lord should grant you and the entire family the fortitude to bear this loss and fill the vacuum rest in peace_Amen.
District Pastor
Elder B.O.Jackson
District secretary

22nd December, 2018.

We received the news of the passing away of our dear wife, dear mother, Mrs. Nsa Ibanga Udo-onyung with deep sense of loss. As one of our members, we share with you,the pains and psychological trauma of your mother’s demise. We also know that the loss of a beloved mother is very difficult to bear and at the same time we implore you to be guided in the word of God as recorded in Eccl.3:1-3 “To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.
As you mourn her exit, be consoled with the fact that she embraced Christ for the heavenly treasure and also lived a rewarding life worthy of emulation by her survivors.
We pray for her peaceful rest and ask the Almighty God to grant you and the entire family the fortitude to bear the loss. Please accept our sincere condolences.

Chief Archibong A. Bassey
Family Head, Nung Inyang Andem &
Obong Sunday Asuquo Udo_Onyung
Secretary for the family.

We the entire members of late Deaconess (Mrs.)Nsa Ibanga Udo-onyung, hereby express our profound gratitude to the Almighty God in His favour for making this burial a success.
Our appreciation to all members of the Apostolic Church,Ikot Andem Itam District, Ekritam Area, Itu L.G.A with other sister churches here present, Associations, Mbak Atai Itam, Nsit Ubium,Ikot Andem village, Nka Iban Mbak Atai, Nka Iban Obio Edere Mbak Atai Unii,for their immense contributions, mutually, emotionally and prayerfully to support the programme.

We also thank our numerous friends, youth, In-laws, the entire family of Nung inyang Andem, Nung Akpafia, Nung Mbuk Royal family, Ikot Andem, relations and well-wishers all over the environment for their concerns in period of grief.

We regret any inconvenience (s)our service/administrations may cause you, please bear with us.

May the good lord grant you journey mercies back to your various destinations in Jesus name
Mrs. Emem Asuquo Udo-obong
Chief Mourner
chief Archibong Akpan Bassey
For the family.


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