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Written by Xto Udo


THE PREAMBLE: It is a pity that death has vehemently decided to snatch our beloved daughter from us in such a sudden dramatic manner. As Christians, we cannot question God since His thoughts are not our thoughts neither His ways our way (Isaiah 55:8,9),since death is an inevitable phenomenon,no mortal has the power to resist when it knocks because it is appointed for man to die, irrespective of who you are, age or position.
The Bible say in Eccl.3:1-2 “To everything there is a season and a time to die.
The above bible portion has really proven to us that there are two phenomena that have to follow each other. Thus death is defined to come after birth; although death may tarry to come for some but it will surely come.
Therefore the separation of the deceased from the love ones may not be the symbolic factor, but silencing the voice that speaks of wisdom, truth, love and peace as well as creating of SORROW in the heart of those left behind.we have decided to surrender every situation to the lord and believing that it has pleased Mandu’s creator to call her to eternal rest through death.
BIRTH: Late sister Mandu was born on the 17th march, 1987 to the Royal family of Nnung obio unek of Ikot Andem Itam in Itu L.G.A, of Akwa Ibom state.

EDUCATION: late sister mandu Efiok started and completed her primary education at Army Day Nursery and primary school, calabar and obtained her first school leaving certificate in 1996,After her primary Education, she proceeded to itam secondary school, itam and obtained her west African school certificate in 2002.after her secondary education, she proceeded to Akwa Ibom State polytechnic, in ikot osurua,in Ikot Ekpene and obtained her National Diploma (ND)in 2010.On completion of her Higher National Diploma (HND),she was posted to Ebonyi State for her National youth service (NYSC)In 2010.As one who always has strong desire and passion for education, After her one year National assignment, She proceeded to college of Education Zuba Abuja, affiliated with university of Maiduguri for her post graduation Diploma in Education. (PGDE).

CHRISTIAN LIFE: Late sister Mandu Efiok Akpan was a true demonstration of the scriptural saying”Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”she was born by parent whose Christianity tolerated no laxity; sister Mandu was very strong in faith and zealous in the work of God.she was baptized into the church of Christ at a very tender age and remained faithful till death.

SOCIAL LIFE: late sister mandu was very sociable, ever smiling,, not easily provoked and never attaching any meaning to any situation. She was easy going in nature, gentle and always showing love and sympathy to all and sundry. She was a peace maker and always trying to avoid anything that will bring problem herself and others.

MARITAL LIFE: late sister Mandu Efiok was formally engaged in marriage to Mr.Friday Adams Davis on 31st August, 2019,but it is unfortunate that death never allowed her to stay alive for the completion of all her marital rites by the family

OCCUPATION: she was a very industrious lady who never accepted any dull moment in her life. Consequently, while she was in her one year National Youth Service at Ebonyi state in 2015,she learnt knitting work and sewing.
On completion of her NYSC, with the spirit of her entrepreneurship, she came back with a complete set of knitting sewing machine which she bought with her NYSC allowance.
Mandu never waited for any white collar job. After her National Assignment, she started immediately the production and supply of cardigan, baby shawl, stockings to various schools in Akwa Ibom state and beyond. A business which made her so popular as an entrepreneur. She did not end at knitting work but also engaged in production of cereals, flour and thereafter established a partnership business with her friends known as GLOMANDYN PRODUCT SERVICES (GPS)
As one who always have strong passion for education and teaching, she has taught in many school like jevic International School, Fellowship High School, while in Akwa Ibom State and lastly at command secondary School,suleja, abuja.

Date: The sudden death visited her on Sunday 3rd Nov.2019 in a very dramatic manner. May her soul rest in peace. Amen she is survived by her parent, sister, Grandmother, Fiance,uncles, Aunties, cousins, Nieces and Nephews and many others too numerous to mention.

We have many things to write but our hearts are so heavy, our hands are shaking our eyes flooded with tears because it is too soon to write tribute to you. It is so SAD that it happen this way, we were planning for marriage ceremony not funeral, but since we have no power to decide who dies or lives,
We cannot do, nor say anything but hope in our heart that you find rest in the bosom of the lord. Your memories will remain CRESTED in our minds each time we remember the stuff in you.well,we have surrendered all to Jesus

It is sad and so painful to believe that you are no more. Death is one of the hardest thing I will ever had to deal with.
If only I knew that 31st August, 2019 was the last time of seeing you, I would have called you back, hugged you tight, I would have done.
If only I knew that 2nd of Nov.,2019 would be our last phone call, just to listen to you speak held on longer, I would have done.
If only I knew that God would take you away so soon spend all my time with you,I would have done.
I wish you a peaceful rest my dear sister, although there’s so much you have left bare unspoken word you have left behind undone things we’ll never do. No sharing of thoughts anymore. But I’m console with Matt. 10:28 wish says “I should not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul, rather, I should be afraid of the one who can destroy the body and soul in hell”.May your soul rest in Peace.
Your sister Iniobong!

Where do I start to write a tribute for you? Is it not you that suppose to write for me? This isn’t how it suppose to be. How painful life could be? How sudden death could come? That my source of happiness, inspiration and pride Is no more.
Mmama! I can’t forget in a hurry, the day I was informed that you are no more, you took a place of me with you, leaving me unable to catch my breath. You death Is so painful, it has brought a range of difficult emotion including; numbness, guilty, anger, emptiness, disbelief and depp sadness. What a wicked world!
I’m suck in this uncomfortable
Place of pain that no one can see, and I keep on asking God why he allow it to happen? Though, who am I to question God? I’m console with the word of God from Isaiah 3:11 which says”woe to the wicked! It will Go badly with him, for what he deserves will be done to him.
Rest in peace my daughter with different, till we meet to part no more.
From your mother

Oh death how wicked you are? It should not have been her who we have agree to live together as my mother and as the mother of my children.
My dear if there is another world waits for me so that we can continue to stay together.
The bible said”a mortar cannot ask a porter Why?well, my prayer is that your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the lord till we meet to part no more. Goodnight.
Brother Friday Adam

Death is a Natural phenomenon that no man can escape, who can predict tomorrow except our creator, the life of our beloved sister has just faded away as a life of a flower.
I write to console the entire family on the death of our beloved sister, late sister Mandu Akpan. I and my entire family must say, her death as create a vacuum which would be impossible to fill.Hence,everything that has beginning must surely come to and end. Therefore, now that the lord hath pour out upon you the spirit of deep sleep and hath close your eyes, sleep well sister-Isaiah 29:10.
My most memorable moment with her is how she fondly call (my aunty), but now she gone, but never forgotten. Though the pangs of death are hard to bear, we urge you all to be

comforted for the fact that it is more rewarding to die in the lord (Rev.14:13) We therefore admonish you to see her call to eternal glory as a challenge to leave ineffaceable footprints on the proverbial sands of time.
May the lord give all the family, friends, relative and the church she had left behind the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss in Jesus name Amen.
My lovely sister (Mandu Akpan)Esiero.
Sis Mary Emmanuel udofia

The Family of late sister mandu Akpan. 24thNov.,2019
Ikot Andem Itam,
Itu local Government Area
Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria

Calvary Greetings to you in the name of of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.
The above name Church, where the late sister mandu Akpan do worshipped before her sudden death wishes to condole with her entire Family over her death.
Indeed, the late sister was loved by all, and as such she will be greatly missed by us all.
However, God who loved her more than we do has taken her more than we do has taken her away from us at this time. For we believe you are not death but at sleep awaiting for us Were Christ has prepared for every believrs where we will meet to part no more. Though, it is very painful but we have after her death. 1 thesis 4:13.
In all, as we pray for God to give us the fortitude to bear the lost, her departure should as well remind us to be closer to our creator (God) while we are still living because we will be called to meet him some day.
May the the of heaven comfort and bless us all this moment of sorrow in Jesus name, Amen.
Yours faithfully
Evan.Ayuba Fali

Bro.Godwin Ohiero
Church secretary

Our loving,caring, understanding and one in million Daughter of Itu had gone. Your footsteps will never be wipe away from our memory. You have left a great vacuum which will never be filled.
It was like a dream when we close our eyes we realized it was real.
Edima Adiaha (Mandu Akpan)Esiero ooo

Emmanuel Etim Ukpong.
Zonal Coordinator

Emmanuel A.Udoafia
Zonal secretary

We the entire family of late Chief Akpan of Nung Obio Unek in ikot Andem It am,hereby express our deep appreciation and bundle less gratitude to the Almighty God who stood by us during our crying moment of our grief.

We sincerely thank the Elders, Gospel minister and the entire members of church of Christ. Ikot Andem Itam, Church of Christ .No.7 Esa Atan road,Ikot Ekpene,Church of Christ Suleja,Abuja, the commander and the entire staff of the command Secondary School Abuja, our in-laws from Nsitubium,friends, uncles, relatives, well wishers and others too numerous to mention for their moral and financial contribution towards this funeral. Your presence and demonstrations of love and friendship are so much than words can express.we pray the Almighty God who brought you to this burial also grant you journey mercy back in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Mr.Umoh E.Umoh
For the family

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