Life History Of Late Chief Okon Enyin Imaha

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Biography of Late Chief OKON ENYIN IMAHA (alias Mbakara Asak)

Preamble : But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again even so God will bring with him those who sleep in Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 4 : 13 – 14

Birth And Parentage : Late Chief Okon Enyin Imaha (alias Mbakara Asak) was born on the 15th day of September, 1959 into the prominent family of late Chief Enyin Imaha Udo Ekere of Enen Atai Itam in Itu local government Area of Akwa ibom State, Nigeria. He was the eight child of his father and fouth child of the mother in a family of ten children.

Education : Chief Okon Enyin Imaha (Alias Mbakara Asak) attended Primary school Ikot Okpura in Biase Local Government Area, Cross River State, Where he obtained the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) in flying color. He was not able to further his Education due to the demise of his father in tender age. He obtained five (5) credit in the General Certificate in Education(GCE) in 2002. However, he valued and believed in western education thus encouraged his children to go to school.

Late Chief Okon Enyin Imaha (Alias Mbakara Asak) started his life as a trader. His store was located at lkot offiong main market in Itu local Government Area of Akwa ibom State. Mbakara Asak was the first among equal on the selling different types of assorted materials. He traded on basin, wall clock, shirt etc. Beyond the people of ltu to Abia and Cross River State. He relocated from Ikot Offiong to his Home town Enen Atai Itam Itu local government Area. Mbakara Asak as a great achiever, he resumed work in local Government council is a pensionable staff In 1995 and he was posted to the department of Agriculture. Due to his hard work and a devoted staff on duty, he rose to the rank of Chief Forest overseer in 2009. He was a staff in Itu Local Government Council until his death.

Mbakara Asak gave his family love and tenderness to be sure, he was a very strict father poised to see or hear from his wives, children and neighbour the right thing at the right time. He was a recognized family Head in Nung Odiong Udom in Enen Atai Itam, Itu, Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. He was a family head who did not brook lies, falsehood, nor appear to condone a wrong deed. He was a member of Mbong Ekpuk Itu Chapter.

Marital Life :
Late Chief Okon Enyin Imaha was married to two beautiful wives and the marriage was blessed with many children to witness his demise.

Christian Life :
Mbakara Asak was born into a Christian family that embraced a sound doctrine of Jesus Christ from his youthful age. He was baptized in the Apostolic Church, Ikot Ofiong and he remain a devoted and a committed member on every side. He later joined the Apostolic Church Adang Itam District F. C. T field Abuja in Itu Local Government Area and remained committed and devoted Christian till his death.

Death :
Late Chief Okon Enyin Imaha had a sudden stomach pain on Sunday, on the same day he took the last breath of life in his home. May his gentle soul rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

He survived by
2 Wives
7 Children
9 Grand Children
Daughters in-law
Son in-laws

Tribute to Late Chief Okon Enyin Imaha

I am really short of words because I never expected that you will go so soon. I truly feel your absent, a a husband which his word is used to fill with wisdom and love. I never expected that a short illness take you away from me. You call me Eka -ette and I call you Ette Grace, a discipline husband, a man of good character and you love to pray for your family. Ette Grace till we meet again may your gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.

Your Wife
Mary Okon EnyinImaha

I feel so sad you decide to live me as widow, I did expect that you will go so soon. Now I believe that you no more, a husband which can not stay without seeing his beloved wife., but you gone and never to come back. You call me me mummy and i call you Ette Utibe, who again will be calling me such a name, My beloved husband, I love you but GOD love you most. Goodbye Ette Utibe till we meet again may your gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.

Your Wife
Grace Okon EnyinImaha

I don’t know where to start from until now. It is a dream that you actually left your family. Though death is inevitable it comes when it has to come, but I am grieve at your departure. I must say that you were a father indeed, your death as create a vacuum among us and the family. Since it please your creator, the Almighty God to call you home, May his infinite love and mercy grant your soul peace in His bosom., Amen.

Your first daughter
Mrs. Grace Aniefiok James

Daddy i still can’t believe that you have gone. If some one tell me that i will loss you so soon i wouldn’t believe. Daddy as i fondly called you, you have gone without a word or advice. You will never come back again, but you were a good teacher, a disciplinarian, well respected in the family and society. And when i remember some December when your children visit you, you made us happy and pray for us, but Daddy your memory Will still leave longer in my heart. Daddy you have played your part as a father and today you have gone .
My prayer is that the Almighty God grant your soul smooth passage to eternity till we meet to part no more, Amen.

Adieu wonderful father
Your last daughter
Blessing Okon

One of our greatest blessings from life was the man that i called Baba, He was there,…
A firm foundation through our storms of life, study hard to hold on to in times of stress and strife. His dreams were seldom spoken, his wants were very few and most of the time his worries went unspoken too. He never looked for praises, he was never one of boast, he just went on quietly working and praying for the ones he loved the most. He loved and accepted me for who i was striving to become. Baba, you were such a prominent figure in my upbringing, I learnt so much from simply watching you. You rest in the arms of an angels, free from illness and pains, waiting for the day we will be together once again .
Rest in peace Baba, I love you.

Nathaniel Okon EnyinImaha

There is no way to measure the grief within the heart of those who lost their father, because father are one of the best creation that God has made Papa is not out. He believed in the supreme worth of an individual and their right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness he also believed that every right implies a responsibility, every possession a duty, he believed in the dignity of labour weather hand or head that the world owes no man a living but it owes every man a living but to make a living. Oh death why are you so cruel to take my father away from me. My heart is fill with dearest of sorrow with painful tears. Papa your death is a mystery which i still find it difficult to accept o God., a generous kind hearted, peaceful and loving father is gone who will I run to for comfort, is only my mother? You left me at a time i needed you most in my life and you should have stayed to reap the fruit of your labour papa your death is a very big blow to me, but i take solace in the word of God that said there is time for everything, a time to born and a time to die.
Adieu Baba till we meet again.

Uduak Okon
Your 3rd Daughter

Condolence massages

Nigeria Union Of Local Government Employees (NULGE) Itu nranch

On behalf of the NULGE chairman, Executive and the entire staff of Itu local Government Council wish to condole with you and your family over the sudden transition of your late father, Comrade Okon Enyin Imaha who until his death was an active staff in the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Itu local Government Council.

Late Comrade Okon Enyin Imaha was a devout Christian, and advocate of peace both in the community and office to mention but few. He was a Unionist to the core which accorded him the position of Departmental Representative for six years representing Agri Department in the union.

Though Death is a transition from life here on earth to eternity with our Creator, temporary separation from loved ones, we beseech you to be consoled in your late father’s contributions to the vineyard of the Lord and humanity as a whole which holds a crown of glory.

May God Almighty grant you and your family the strength to bear this great loss.

May the soul of our departed father find rest in the bosom of our Lord.

Comrade Emmanuel Obot
NULGE Chairman

Comrade Effiong Francis
NULGE secretary

On behalf of myself and the entire staff of the department of Agriculture, Itu local government Council, received with shock the news of the death of your beloved father, late Chief Okon Enyin Imaha of Enen Atai, Itu Local Government Area, Akwa ibom State, Nigeria.
Although death is a sure price every mortal must pay, it is only very sad when it comes to the time the family needed his fatherly love most.
Your late father was an epitome of hard work which legacy and finger prints will be very difficult to forget.
If tears could bring him back to life, we would say continue crying but since is the will of the Almighty, we cannot question His supremacy.
We passionately share with you the pains in this moment of grave and humbly condole you as we pray to God in his infinite mercy to grant the entire family the fortitude to bear the irrepressible love.
Please accept our heart felt condolence and may the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace.

Comrade Francis Ekong (RAS)
Director of Agriculture

It is with great shock that we received the news of the demise of your dear father, Late Chief Okon Enyin Imaha.
We share the burden of this great loss and Console you in this moment of grave.
Death is a mystery that cannot be prevail, nevertheless be consoled by the scripture as recorded in (Job 14 : 1 – 2)

Our fervent prayer is that, the Almighty God will grant you and the entire members of your family the fortitude to bear this great loss in Jesus name Amen.

May his gentle with rest in peace.

Asuabanga Daniel Ekpott

Ubong Peter Ekpo
Staff secretary


The entire family of Late Chief OKON Enyin Imaha of Enen Atai Itam in Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria hereby Expresses thanks to the Almighty God for seeing them through in this moment of griel,

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the Ministers and the entire members of the Apostolic Church of Nigeria, Adang Itam District, FCT, Field Abuja for their prayers and other support.

Equally thankful to the entire family of Nung Odiong udom of Enen Atai Itam in Itu local government Area Akwa ibom State,.

We also appreciate the Itu Local Government Council, forum of Mbong Ekpuk Itu Chapter, Enen Atai Itam Community , Mbak obio Itam community , our in-laws

And well wishers who have contributed in various ways towards the success of the burial

May God Bless and grant you journey mercies to your name, Amen

Mr. Elisha Okon Enyinimaha

Chief mourner

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