We bet that you have always been curious about knowing who Xto Udo is in Nigeria, Not only in Nigeria but in Africa.

Here is the inspiring Xto Udo biography for you

Biography of Xto Udo.

So, who is Xto Udo ? You might have heard about this man, who is currently considered to be one of the best Business Man .

Where is Xto Udo from?

Xto Udo is from Itu in Akwa Ibom State,
He lives on Uyo, still in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Xto Udo’s age

The businessman was born on May 31st, 1998. He is currently 23 years old.

Xto Udo’s education

Emperor Xto received his primary education at Government Primary School, Ikot Andem Itam, Later, he moved on to become a student in Community Secondary Commercial School in the same village he obtained his primary education,

History of Xto and His achievements

Originally, Xto isn’t from a rich family but he believes that rich family will come from him,
However, the story of Xto Udo is still very inspirational, because not every person can still work hard to achieve personal accomplishments at his age.

Christopher Ita has had many experience as a Stock keeper, secretary, Office Assistance etc,
He also worked as a marketer before he decided going on his own business which is very successful today.

Xto Udo as worked as a stylist and as trained many into the business,

Blogging there say is life which He as become one of the best Blogger in the industry.
A Boss in his nitch, Seo lord.

Xto Udo’s wife

A lot of Nigerians are interested whether Christopher is married or not,
it is very true that he is not married yet but he is in a relationship.

Xto Udo’S Guidance

Emperor Xto is from a family of Ten (10) including his Mother and the second to the last child.

You can also connect with Xto Udo on Facebook here

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